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An expert at helping clients improve their mental performance, Benjamin Bonetti is a multiple international #1 bestselling self-help author in psychology and human performance.

He has been a preferred consultant for royalty and high wealth individuals, where privacy and discretion matter.

Do you suffer with anxiety, lack of sleep or stress? Are your past beliefs or negative talk holding you back? Do you need a regular professional resource to release concerns?

Specialising in this market for over 10 years and a reputation for understanding the demands and stresses encountered by the select few, his no-nonsense coaching methods are well respected for fast results without wavering under pressure.

Typically, results can be achieved within just 3 sessions if the client is dedicated, improvement within days after your initial coaching call.

“I’ve sold over 1.8 million self-help audiobooks, helped people in all sectors… 

  • Benjamin Bonetti

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Are you interested in learning more and getting started? Get started by emailing us requesting an application form. Once the application is complete, Benjamin will determine whether he feels he can help you or not. After that, a consultation phone call will be arranged.